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The Electrometer is used in conjunction with a photodiode to measure the intensity of a light source. The device supports multiple modes. Generally, it is used in the modes that measure current and accumulated/integrated charge. The electrometer is connected via ethernet, using a serial-ethernet terminal to a docker container running centos 7. It is deployed as a docker container. The component is indexable and so it is possible to command multiple electrometers simultaneously.


If you are interested in viewing other branches of this repository append a /v to the end of the url link. For example https://ts-electrometer.lsst.io/v/

User Documentation

User-level documentation, found at the link below, is aimed at personnel looking to perform the standard use-cases/operations with the Electrometer.

Configuring the Electrometer

The configuration for the Electrometer is described at the following link.

Development Documentation

This area of documentation focuses on the classes used, API’s, and how to participate to the development of the Electrometer software packages.

Version History

The version history of the Electrometer is found at the following link.